You can go now

First day of school today. First, we took our eldest to her second-grade classroom, where she gushed over the fact that she now, for the first time, has her own desk.

Then, in the afternoon, we took our 5-year-old to afternoon kindergarten. This being her first day of formal schooling, we lingered in the classroom to make sure she wasn’t feeling any separation anxiety (like our eldest daughter did for the first few days when she started kindergarten).

However, as soon as she entered the classroom, she found her seat, started to color, and, as we asked her if she was OK, she dismissed us with a wave of her hand, declaring, “You can go now.”

More evidence that it’s tough being the eldest child, and easier for those that follow. (Or else our 5-year-old is remarkably well-adjusted.)


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Father of 5, husband of 1
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