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Notes to Daddy

I escorted my middle daughter to a hockey game tonight — just me and her. Before the game, we had dinner together. While awaiting our order, she wrote me the following notes: (1) “i am going to a hockey game … Continue reading

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One problem with having 5 kids is that they each, on occasion, feel neglected. Tonight, our 6-year-old, thinking she was being ignored, escaped to her room and wrote the following note which she later left on our bed: “No wun … Continue reading

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Thrown Stone

When I create my own company — selling vague products or services at popular prices — I believe it should be called “Thrown Stone.” Not sure why, though. Just like how it sounds. Perhaps the company’s mission is to become … Continue reading

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Sack of Beans

My daughters participate in a youth group sponsored by the YMCA, with Native American undertones. As part of the ritual, they get to choose their own Indian names — and change them whenever they wish. Which, of course, they’ve just … Continue reading

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Speedy FastLegs

A spider has taken up residence on the ceiling of my 3-year-old son’s bedroom. It tends to move quickly, so he’s named it “Speedy FastLegs.”

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