Brilliant comeback

Our two sons, ages 13 and 10, are inseparable.  They play baseball, basketball, and soccer together in the back yard, and share a bedroom.

They often bicker, too.

Actually, they bicker constantly, with the older son criticizing the younger son mercilessly.

We’ve taken to calling them “Turk” and “Virgil” after the bickering brothers (played by Scott Caan and Casey Affleck) in the modern “Ocean’s Eleven” movie series.

Last night, the younger son ended an argument with a most unusual tactic.

As we sat together at dinner, the younger son inexplicably got up from the table and began wandering around the room.

Noticing this, the older son said:

“Why are you the most annoying kid in the world?’

To which the younger son quickly replied:

“Why are you not?”

So confused by the feeble comeback, we broke out in laughter and the argument ended.


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  1. It’s so calming when arguments are subdued by distractions. I had fun reading this. Check out my blog too? 🙂

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