Sack of Beans

My daughters participate in a youth group sponsored by the YMCA, with Native American undertones.

As part of the ritual, they get to choose their own Indian names — and change them whenever they wish. Which, of course, they’ve just done.

The new names:

8-year-old daughter: Shooting Star

6-year-old daughter: Galloping Tulip (????)

They also reserve the right to name me, and the imaginative Galloping Tulip decided to name me… Sack of Beans.

Now, what’s really funny about this name is that, long ago, my grandfather taught me a Greek proverb — unbeknownst to my offspring — that, when translated to English, goes like this:

“Bean by bean / the sack gets filled.”

The other funny part is that the fathers in the tribe will often refer to each other with their Indian names, as part of various solemn ceremonies. I can’t wait to see one of them try to call me by my new name and remain solemn.


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