25 years of hard labor

Today is the 25th anniversary of the start of my working career. Actually, I was supposed to start on a Monday, the 18th, but, at the time, that was a paid holiday (Presidents’ Day). So, I started on a Tuesday.

I remember my first day of work. I arrived early, before any of my new co-workers, and sat in the “terminal room” (a room which held the four computers that our group shared) waiting for my boss to arrive. I was intrigued by the screen saver, which spelled out the company’s name, complete with a flickering (animated) flame.

I was assigned to my own office — with real walls that reached the ceiling, and a door! — then was given a bunch of books to read. For the next few days, my most difficult task was staying awake as I read. (I also wasn’t accustomed to sitting for long spells, and can recall that my body felt “sluggish” at the end of each day.)

Fortunately, my job has evolved over the years, and I’m much more mobile and less prone to drowsiness.


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Father of 5, husband of 1
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